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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Urgent Prayers Needed

Yesterday I learned of a family that was about to meet their little one for the first time, for that much anticipated Gotcha Day, only to find out their little one would not be delivered to them in a civil affairs office, but rather, in a hospital room. I do not know this family. I have only read about them and their daughter Susannah on their blog. One thing I do know about them is they are a member of ther family of Christ and that connects us! They are begging God for a miracle. I am asking anyone who reads this to keep this family in prayer~ for God to intervene in time and space to bring healing to Susannah and bring her home to the US.

You can join in this journey with them by visiting


Jodi said...

The whole story broke my heart too! Their daughter knows she is loved - finally! We will be praying for them to be strong and for God to heal her. I can't imagine!