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Friday, September 5, 2008

Almost Two!!!

This is last year after Meighan was attacked by her birthday cake~ well, maybe it's the other way around. I just remember Meighan and her high chair had to get a bath! Alot has changed in the last year. Meighan couldn't walk this time last year, and now she walks, runs, and loves to jump! She was so much still a baby last year. I see more of sweet, but oh so independent, little girl now! Time in a bottle is what I want for her birthday. I forgot how quickly time marches along. It will be with anticipation and cherished memories that we look forward to what the next year will bring!


Jodi said...

What sweet pictures of your pretty girl. Love the birthday cake attack!

Angel said...

I can't believe Miss Meighan is turning two-Wasn't it just yesterday we were seeing there beautiful pictures for the 1st time and then crying together as we waited for that 1st glimpse of the child that God had blessed us with-I still remember so vividly the feel of excitement and wonder in that small room as we all became Forever Families-How Great is our God-I will never forget the joy of that moment-so glad we could share it with you-Happy Birthday Sweet Meighan-May you always know what a special and loved little girl you are-
We can't wait to have you here in the South with us-
We love you!

T&T Mom said...

Happy Birthday Meighan. I hope your day was great. Sarah and Kathryn send their love and wishes. Can't wait until we see you again.