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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do you think she's an animal lover?

Yesterday we were outside for a bit when along came two of our neighbor's kittens. They are quite affectionate, and Meighan was pouring some of her own sugar on them- as you can see! They even played fetch with some black walnuts or "balls" according to Meighan. What she didn't like was when they climbed up on her slide and tried to push her bubble mower...the gloves came off and love turned to...well, not love!


Christy said...

Soooo cute!! Mia loves kittens as well but since we have dogs she is use to being more rough and the kittens dont like that. She has gotten a little nip here and there as a warning to stop squishing the kitty with your big hugs. Great pics and always good to have an animal lover in the family!!

Christy :)

Jodi said...

Hey y'all! Kamden loves cats too, but we think Rocky our Jack R. will love them too much. He is our "house dog" and quite the jealous four legged (ball of energy) boss! Love the pictures of your sweet girl!
One of my favorite pictures of Max, my 13 year old, is of him and our old cat Moses who died about three years ago. Max was maybe two and laying in the sunshine with Moses beside him. My mother-in-law still has the picture in a frame in her living room and we looked at it last night and thought about how much we missed Moses (and Max being a little guy).

Carmi said...

Aaww these pictures are so sweet! Yeah, I would say she is for sure an animal lover!