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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Moon Cakes and Birthday Cake!

We had a great time celebrating Meighan's second birthday tonight, even as the remains of Hurricaine Ike began to knock on our door! We also celebrated the Moon Festival since we were gathered as a family. Some friends gave us a real mooncake, and we had fun sampling such a treat! Meighan had a great time- laughing and running around with Ellie! I love the picture of Meighan and Ellie- look at the admiration in Meighan's eyes for her cousin! So sweet. She was great at blowing out those 2 candles and loved opening presents. Thanks everyone! We love you all.


Angel said...

I sure wish we had been there to watch her blow out those candles. The dress looks precious. Give Miss Meighan a giant hug from us-Here is us hoping that next year we are together to celebrate the girls big days!