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Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter's Come Early

We usually don't get too excited here in the northeast about snow- the most our school kids and techers can hope for is a 2 hour delay. This is what we got overnight last Thursday into Friday. The result- a full fledged SNOW DAY!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Role Reversals

Well, this week has been one of highs and lows. On Tuesday I was offered a full time position working as a home health care nurse and on wednesday my husband was laid off from his job.

All in all~ we see the hand of God providing for our needs in perfect time. We could see the writing on the wall for his job, so that is why I pursued a full time position in the first place.

We were going to have to put Meighan in daycare which I thought she probably would greatly enjoy, now she gets to spend some quality time with her dad and we save some money in the process! It will make leaving on Monday morning so much easier.

I will be a blogging slacker for a while until I catch a grip on what working full time outside the home is like. Maybe I should make updating the blog one of Ken's daily responsibilities! :>)

I start on Monday morning, wish me luck, and I'll try to post soon!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm Back

I have a very good reason for why I have not been blogging! I am 5 days post op from having my gall bladder removed, and I will leave it at that for fear that I've already played the "too much information" game. Thank goodness for helpers and prescription pain pills; because having surgery HURTS!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Trick-or-treat night was just awful! It was cold and there was still some wet snow hanging around, so Meighan went to about 4 houses and we headed back to my dad's house where we had had dinner together. Kara and my 2 nieces, Jillian and Ellie, went all around the neighborhood having a great time.

The houses we did go to Meighan had a blast. She said something that resembled "trick-or-treat" and politely said thank you.

First Snow

Sorry for my tardiness of late, but here are some pictures from about a week and a half ago. This was a couple of days before Halloween. Please keep the snow in mind when I post the Haloween pix- you'll understand our lack of fun that night.

Meighan, for one, enjoyed the snow. The rest of us...not so much! She had a great time playing outside, and she screamed when it was time to come in. So much work putting on all of those clothes! But SO cute in them.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Family's Committment to Adoption~From ESPN

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Angel from Blessed With Four. I'd put the link in, but I don't know how. I have to tag 7 other people then tell you all of the weird and creepy things about me that you are dying to find out.

I am just getting ready to go to work, so you will have to check back for all of the exciting details!