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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McLane Church::Erie County, Pennsylvania - Moses: The Journey: A Basket Case (Oct. 4 & 5, 2008)

McLane Church::Erie County, Pennsylvania - Moses: The Journey: A Basket Case (Oct. 4 & 5, 2008)

We just began a series on the life of Moses this past weekend, and I wanted to invite you all to listen and this is why...Moses' life begins being surrounded by tragic events that are no fault of his own. He is born into political policies that threaten his very existence~ he is born a boy. His mother finds herself putting her child into a basket, really having no way to know what will happen to her child after that.

It is true that history repeats itself, even centuries later. My duaghter, along with many of your children, were simply born girls. They were born into a political and ecomonic setting no fault of their own, or of their birth parents for that matter.

** I am not making a slam against any birth country- on one level I understand that countries make very difficult choices so that people will have food to eat, and it is impossible to know what the results of hard decisions will be years down the road. **

My daughter was found in a basket just like Moses. That has always been a symbol of abandonment to me, but through Brian's message, I see that the basket is the sign of redemption- a point of HOPE!

It just was so healing for me, and I invite all of my fellow adoptive moms especially to listen. It is about 20 minutes or so, and it is so worth it! I know that there will be questions that come one day about my daughter's journey, and it is so sweet of our Father to include this biography to show our children healing and redemption in a situation that mirrors their own in many ways.

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