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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here is Where I Stand

I am a Conservative at heart. Those principals are what I believe has made our nation magnificient. I am not willing to let them go.

I am concerned about the economy, for sure, but more important than that, I am concerned with who will be my son's Commander-in Chief. MY son is voluntarily planning a military career. It is now very personal to ME. I do not want a president who believes our troops are killing and plundering in the middle of the night or who has questionable dealings with PLO-Israel hating, far-left Marxist leaning, domestic terrorists friends~ and he doesn't have to answer to it. That is NOT ok with me.

I am tired of the media circling the wagons around Barak Obama, so he is never faced with answering the hard questions of being accountable. He may be a very nice person, but you are known by the company you keep. Joe the Plumber, a private citizen who asked a hard question, has gotten more of a probing in the media than Senator Obama. That is not OK with me.

I want someone in the White House who values life and will protect it. Period.

You may not agree with me and that's ok. I am just a Pennsylvania soccer mom letting you know what is on my mind. ***These are MY thoughts alone and not necessarily the thoughts of anyone who is associated with me in any way.**


Christy said...

Oh my I so agree. It is such a left wing media frenzy that they protect him and never make him answer all the hard questions-- it is very irritating to me. Sadly, becuase what he says sounds so nice and happy, many of the uneducated (uneducated politically) people are flocking to him. It really is bothering me!!!

Christy :)

Beverly said...

I will associate with you blogger mom!! I totally agree.