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Saturday, November 8, 2008


Trick-or-treat night was just awful! It was cold and there was still some wet snow hanging around, so Meighan went to about 4 houses and we headed back to my dad's house where we had had dinner together. Kara and my 2 nieces, Jillian and Ellie, went all around the neighborhood having a great time.

The houses we did go to Meighan had a blast. She said something that resembled "trick-or-treat" and politely said thank you.


Christy said...

You know it is not always what we picture it to be in our minds. We have had so many holidays where it turns out poorly and it is so frustrating!!! Anyway, even though it it was not perfect Meighan looked adorable!! I love her little curly black whatever she was-- too cute!!!

Christy :)

Beverly said...

what a cute bear!!

Jodi said...

GRRRRRR! Meighan looks precious. . . as usual! Love the boo-outfit!!