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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Visit with Friends

Meighan, Kara, and I had the chance to fly to SC over Mother's Day weekend to visit with some of out travel buddies. The Rices allowed us to stay with them, and we sure felt like family. On Saturday we had the chance to spend the day with 4 other travel families. I couldn't believe my eyes to see how much these precious girls had changed. It was wonderful to visit with everyone! I wish we lived closer....hmmm....maybe we should move?!


Carmi said...

Hi Debby, Your new blog looks great! I am working from home today so I can log on. :-) Yes, I do think you should move there are lots of us in the NC/SC area. One problem, I could not get a word to show up to do the word verification. Not sure if this will post or not.

forever sisters said...

hey mom you really need to put a better pix of me on your blog.